Lisa Jacobs

ATP and F&G

Two new service providers just started cleaning and greening the neighborhood sidewalks and green spaces. They’re wearing GBD vests so the neighborhood can see their assessment dollars at work. 

In the vest and on the job!  (Aim to Please Operations Manager)

In the vest and on the job!  (Aim to Please Operations Manager)

Aim to Please Janitorial services will:

  • Remove litter, garbage and trash throughout the Districts
  • Sweep sidewalks, publicly accessible open spaces, including parks, plazas and streetscapes
  • Remove visible graffiti:
    • private property, including buildings, mail boxes, garage doors, warehouses, etc. (when requested by property owner)
    • publicly accessible open spaces, including parks, plazas, and green spaces
    • supplement SFPW graffiti removal from public realm areas, including street signage, telephone poles and power lines, street furniture, etc. 
    • report graffiti on state-­owned property, including Caltrans & Caltrain rights­-of­-way
  • Report overflowing or damaged trash cans
  • Supplement San Francisco Public Works efforts to remove illegal dumping and respond to requests for trash removal from public realm areas.
  • Empty GBD doggie station waste bins 
Angel Alley Park Steward Sari Stenfors with Frank + Grossman landscapers Frederico and Michelle.

Angel Alley Park Steward Sari Stenfors with Frank + Grossman landscapers Frederico and Michelle.

Frank + Grossman Landscape Contractors will:

Provide weekly landscaping and watering services to the 12 GBD public spaces (Benches Park and IM Scott Sidewalk Gardens will have twice-weekly watering):

  • Landscaping services including:  weeding, pruning, weed control, edging, fertilizing.
  • In parks with automatic irrigation control systems:  program, check and maintain system.
  • In green spaces without automatic irrigation control systems:  Use existing water sources to hand water plants.
  • Remove any trash and debris (on day work is performed)
  • Control weeds in curbs, sidewalks and gutters

Your Green Benefit District Board: keeping our neighborhood clean and green. 


The GBD is thrilled to welcome Angel Alley, a brand new San Francisco Street Park, as an official GBD public space that will be supported and maintained with GBD resources. In addition to providing regular greening and cleaning, the GBD is reimbursing the cost of new solar lighting to the garden.

Previously, this half-block of Tennessee Street between 22nd Street and Tubbs was a neglected, trash-filled and overgrown dead-end street. With no street lighting, it provided a haven for illicit and threatening activity at night.

But during the day, Angel Alley has been a favorite pass-through for pedestrians, bicyclists, strollers, skateboarders, and dog walkers. With thousands of new residents moving into Dogpatch, and a new pedestrian path being built to connect Tennessee and 3rd Street, pedestrian traffic in the Alley will soon multiply.

Determined to make Angel Alley a welcome place at all hours,  a group of 60 residents and six local businesses launched a grassroots effort to transform the space. Their goal: to make neighbors, workers, and visitors feel safe and uplifted by an attractive landscaped garden and pedestrian gathering space. They set out to realize their vision, formed a board, applied to the City’s Community Challenge Grant Program, and brought in professional landscapers and project managers.

Angel Alley is now a sublime and pleasant palm tree and succulent oasis. We applaud their success and are proud of the spirit, energy, and dedication to our community.

Angel Alley work day.jpg